Intuitive Work

My Story...

Stacylynn began to experience her psychic abilities at a young age; Dreams, predictions, and strong feelings regarding friends and family were constant. Soon realizing, as have many other intuitives before her that this ability may not be the norm, she kept it inside, and reserved premonitions and information for close family and loved ones.

At the age of 21 after intuitively receiving some particularly troubling information regarding a close friend, she decided against revealing anything for fear of judgement, and possibly losing the friendship; When some of these feelings and inward predictions came true, she vowed to never again hold anything back…for anyone. Confirmation of this came in the form of a gift; a deck of Tarot cards from one of her most influential teachers and mentors, famed Psychic and Salem Witch, Therese Pendragon. “They’re telling me I’m supposed to give you these, darling. Sleep with them, become a part of them.” Herein began her journey into the Tarot and path of intuitive reading.

Stacylynn has never thought of her intuitive abilities as a gift, but more of a nuisance. “I’d be at a party, having a great time, and all of a sudden, there it was…THE VOICE. The voice that says, “…um, hey…*insert strange information here* and you need to find this person to help them…” SIGGGGGHHHHH. It won’t let me rest until I find who it is, and I can’t relax until the information is given. It’s usually inconvenient and uncomfortable, but I’ve been gifted with a knack for communication and a love for people, especially in an uncomfortable situation. I was dragged kicking and screaming into this, and trust me, I even think it’s crazy sometimes-but over the years, I’ve learned SO much, and the information has just been too strong to ignore. I love helping people to heal and to get better.”

Strongly attached to her Celtic and Sicilian backround, Stacylynn comes from a long line of psychic intuitives and healers. She promises to do them all proud, as she uses these abilities to help, heal, and raise the vibration of all beings for the greater good of this planet.

As a powerful and compassionate intuitive, Stacylynn combines her intuition with the use of Tarot cards. These cards allow her connect with Spirit Guides to receive messages regarding events that are going on around you, and provide insight and guidance about the most loving way for you to proceed. Stacylynn has a warm, accepting energy that will put you at ease, and a bubbly sense of humor that will keep you smiling. It is with great caring and concern that she sets the intention for each intuitive session to be a healing experience that will help you to gain perspective on your current situation and be able to move forward with renewed inspiration, clarity and confidence. 

*WARNING* Expect a big warm hug after your reading.