Instructor Bio

Stacylynn McGovern

Stacylynn McGovern has decided that is her lifelong mission to heal the world, one person at a time through yoga, music, laughter and magic.


Hailing from Boston, Stacylynn currently resides in Worcester MA. A practicing yogi and active teacher since 2008, she has assisted countless students, friends and clients in reaching their deepest level of spiritual enlightenment through this ancient physical practice.

After her own spiritual awakening during a meditation over 13 years ago, she decided that there was no other choice than to become an instructor; “I wanted people to know that they can feel this way, ALL OF THE TIME, without self-medicating. I wanted to share how to find the best parts of themselves through letting go, working through the bullshit, and healing. REALLY healing.” 

Stacylynn is a RYT 200HR, Reiki Master, Thai Body Worker, SUP Yoga Instructor, and has over 2500 hours of teacher/student class time. She has attended countless lectures, trainings, courses and philosophy geared workshops in the pursuit of the most current knowledge to help her students. She has attended trainings with Sadie Nardini,  Jacqui Bonwell, Gail Grossman (author of "Restorative Yoga For Life") to name a few, and in 2008 was lucky enough to see the Dali Lama at Patriots Place in Foxboro, MA. Encouraging people to heal is her main goal. "When people ask me, 'What do you do?' It took a long time for me to put it into words. But one day? It came to me; Now I tell them, 'I teach spiritual enlightenment through a physical practice.' Certifications are great, and I notice that teachers like to list them. It's kind of ego-based. It's great to be able to say you trained in India, or Spain, or some other far away place, but I'm in it to help the everyday person. I've trained in the trenches of real life; work, school, relationships, and the struggle of it all. So my response to this type of stuff is usually, 'Well, that's great! So how many people have you helped?' The people I've helped ARE my credentials." 😉  From gyms, to studios, to corporate offices or the outdoors, Stacylynn has experienced the way yoga opens up a new world to the practitioner through body, mind and heart.

Stacylynn is a natural communicator and her warmth and passion are evident. Her ability to capture the attention of all present in the classroom with her original, playful and humorous style will leave you feeling happy, fulfilled, and healed.  “The best thing in the world is being able to feel the vibration rising in a room when people are laughing! Fear falls away...and we are SOOO rooted in fear these days - It inhibits growth. I want to teach people to stop living from a place of fear. I like to let students know that we are all in the same boat and you’re safe here. I put myself out there and lead an authentic life; I learned a long time ago that if the students don't believe you? They won't come to class.  I have lived, I have had difficulties, and I've healed from them. I want students to know that. All of these methods get their attention - THEN I hit them with the good stuff. I allow them to feel safe before I make them do the work.”

Stacylynn hopes that her experience as a music lover, singer, astrologer, published author, video blogger, psychic intuitive, spiritual councilor, Reiki Master, band member, friend, employee, business owner, daughter, wife, sister, bonus-mom, aunt, world-traveler, vegetarian chef, health and wellness advocate, public speaker, yoga teacher, and all around loving human being will help students on their own individual path to wellness, healing and self fulfillment.

She lives a ridiculously happy, busy and music-filled life with her partner-in-crime John, their children, and her handsome elder-statesman cat, Deuce, who is 19 and counting.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you have read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” -Buddha